One of the best speech therapists on the market!

He is professional, incredible with children, and the results speak  for themselves.  Craig worked with my daughter for less than six months  and she went from having a vocabulary of very few words to hundreds in  that short time period.  She gained confidence in herself, developed  vocabulary and better pronunciation, and really had fun while learning.  Craig always took the time to speak with us regarding concerns and had  excellent advice and guidance.  I highly recommend Craig and can’t thank  him enough for the incredible work he did with our daughter.
-Monika, mom of Olivia

From a recent Park Slope parent
   Craig did a nice job with my twin boys, who were nearly 10 years old when they began their sessions. First, it was convenient that he could come to our apartment rather than have caretakers schlep the boys to an office and sit and wait. Second, Craig's fee was reasonable. And third, we agreed to do 10 sessions, and when they were up, Craig reminded me that the last session was upon us. There was no hard sales pitch, indeed no sales pitch at all, to continue. That was most appreciated.
   Most important, Craig made some progress with my kids on their vocalic R's, which has been a problem since they first spoke eight years ago. And he was able to identify specific things that each one needed to work on, although to the untrained ear (mine), their R problems sounded identical.
  My boys seemed at ease working with Craig, who would kneel in order to speak to them at their level. Bottom line: There was no magic bullet but my kids emerged with confidence at having improved and knowing they could further improve their speech with practice.
-Erik Engquist
Park Slope

Highly recommended!255690
My son had Craig for a speech therapist at two different stages in his development. Craig has an excellent understanding of both the theory behind speech development and how to motivate a child in fun ways to achieve practical goals. I really appreciated his eclectic approach — really fitting therapeutic modalities to the child rather than trying to fit the child into a preconceived mold. I was also thrilled to have such an excellent male role model for my son, whose other therapists have all been women. My son worked really hard for Craig — whose influence carries over into the rest of his life. 
- Kim, mom of David

Craig has yielded amazing results
Craig started working with Larson, when he as 3 years old. Larson was severely  speech delayed and unintelligible. Now at the age of six, Larson has made great progress.  He still has language-processing problems, but now he speaks very clearly  and speaks in full and complex sentences and was accepted into the school that we were hoping  for.  I have such faith in Craig’s abilities that he now works with my  two year old, Finn, who is also showing signs of speech/language delay.  Little  Finn lights up every time Craig arrives.
-Laura, mom of Larson and Finn
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Craig's a great speech guy who truly understands toddlers!
My highly energetic daughter is now 3 years old, and is internationally adopted.  In addition to speech/ language issues, she has a hard time with attention and focus, and Craig has been simply amazing with her.  Aside from his demonstrated knowledge of speech issues and therapy, he finds fun, creative ways to engage her, working with her personality, humor and mood-of-the-moment to keep her motivation high. 
-Susan, mom of Alana

Therapy should be fun!
Craig is very personable and  makes therapy so much fun that my son Sam loves to see him. As a result Sam is fully engaged during the sessions and his vocabulary has taken off. Craig is also very knowledgeable and has given us important advice on how to further our child’s development. He is truly concerned about the welfare of toddlers and we were very lucky to have him working with us. We highly recommend him.
-Mark & Natasha, parents of Sam

Craig is TERRIFIC!
Craig has provided speech and language and consulting services to my now five-year-old daughter for a number of years. He is thoughtful, kind, smart, and caring in his approach with Ana. I can see the fruits of his labor paying off, for instance, as she asks more "why" questions or attempts to get down those pesky pronouns. He is one of her favorites! Ours, too: he asks good questions and provides helpful explanations and recommendations to our family. We are very thankful to have him in our lives.
- Susan, mom of Ana

We highly recommend Craig Selinger for speech therapy
Craig Selinger is dedicated, diligent, insightful, and patient.  He proactively researches relevent therapeutic techniques particular to our child's case and gives us great confidence that our child's needs are being met.  Our son is a challenging case, being multiply handicapped and non-verbal.  He has made great strides in augmentative communication while working with Craig. 
-Susan & Michael, parents of Jake

I highly recommend you
I would like to thank you, Craig, for the wonderful work you are doing with  my daughter Rivka. When you started, she was not eating much- just cheese and crackers and most of her caloric intake was from formula. As of today (six month later) she eats so  much more solid food and eats a more diverse diet.  Craig, your approach is very gentle and Rivka has liked you from the start.
-JP, mom of Rivka

Craig has been a tremendous asset to Ryan's learning world
In less than 9 months, our son's vocabulary has exponentially multiplied.  Craig is engaging, thoughtful, and smart in figuring out what Ryan needs at each session.  There are layers of games, pretend play, coloring and various activities that build his speech and vocabulary.  Before we met Craig, Ryan was shy with limited speech skills.  Today he runs to the door to meet Craig and enjoys all the learning activities that stimulate his receptive and expressive skills.  It has been an amazing experience watching him blossom. 
-MH, mom of Ryan

More than just a speech guy
My 2 year old son loves to engage in activities with him and is always curious to see what he will do next. Very pleasant young person that's energetic and is focused. Extrememly caring about my son's progress. Craig has eliminated fears and worries that I had about Ivan.  Best decision that I ever made.
-Albania, mom of Ivan

We are so grateful to Craig.  He has worked with our son, Max, for over a year with his speech delay.  Max's progress with Craig has been phenomenal... to the point where, going into kindergarten in September, Max will no longer be needing speech services!  Craig has been very thoughtful in tailoring the program to meet Max's needs and finding ways to inspire him.  We're so grateful we found him.
-Irene and Julie, mothers of Max

Highly recommend Craig266984
Craig worked with my son for about 2 years. Craig is extremely dedicated and very professional. Not only did my son's speech improve tremendously and is age-appropriate now, but my son always enjoyed the sessions with Craig and looked forward to seeing him. Craig always kept me updated and informed on progress and specific areas he was working on. 
-Dina, mom of Brady

Craig is an amazing therapist276503
He has worked wonders for our son, who started out with maybe 4 words and now has about 300 and counting. Max got so excited to spend time with Craig and his progress has been pretty impressive. Craig explained his approach and offered such great ideas for us to implement on our own. 
-Renee, mom of Max
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I am a speech-language pathologist who has been working with Craig since 2003. We worked together at an early intervention center in Queens and have also teamed up to provide treatment for children in their homes.  Craig is knowledgeable and enthusiastic when working with children. He takes time to establish a rapport with each child and their family. Craig uses therapeutic approaches that are child specific, addressing the individual needs of each child.  Craig is a wealth of information for parents. He provides them with an understanding of language development and teaches parents effective techniques to use outside of therapy sessions that can be incorporated into every-day routines. 
-Tara Ruggiero M.S. CCC-SLP

I have worked with Craig for the past 5 years and I  have valued Craig's recommendations and intervention  strategies. His warmth coupled with his  professionalism make Craig a 'one of a kind' speech specialist.  Craig has  always kept himself up-to-date with the state of the art research and  interventions.  Every time I am assigned to team which includes Craig, it gives  me a unique relief. I tell myself, "We are in good hands!"
-Marilina Rufino,  ABA (Verbal Behavior) Therapist, Coordinator, Ph.D. psychology candidate.