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In 1999, during my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I took a life changing class called Introduction to Communicative Disorders. Having a deep interest in science and education, and having worked with children as a camp counselor since the age of 17, I finally discovered a profession that intrigued me. Fast forward to 2003, I graduated from one of the top speech language pathology graduate programs- University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters Degree in Communicative Disorders. My educational and clinical background was unique because it included interdisciplinary training with a research/clinical emphasis in neuropsychology.  I conducted neuropsychological testing on Romanian children adopted in the Midwest, and performed neuropsychological research on children from Wisconsin who were abused. In addition, I performed brain research on school-aged children who had language processing difficulties, examining limited working memory capacities.
    In 2003, I returned to New York City to pursue working with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school-aged children who have a variety of speech and language delays (including autism spectrum), early childhood feeding/swallowing issues (non-medical), and school-age learning difficulties. I work closely with professionals from all disciplines, and work in various settings, including: the client's home, various private school settings, and an early intervention school that was located in Queens. My various professional experiences have led me to work closely with at least 150 children of all ages.
    From 2005-2007, I worked part-time as a pediatric speech language pathologist at Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital's Therapeutic Nursery, division of Child Psychiatry.  Here, I worked at a nursery with caregivers and their children incorporating a transdisciplinary model of teaching. Additionally, I continued working with children of all ages in various Manhattan settings.
    Since 2007, I have lectured to parents, professionals, and schools about early childhood speech and language delays and early childhood learning, and have written editorials advocating for higher quality (evidence-based) speech and language services.
    In 2008, I started working part-time as support staff/consultant at a Manhattan Montessori school. Here I worked closely with teachers and students (toddlers through 6th grade) with delays and students that needing extra support in the classroom setting. 
    Recently I collaborated with Marty New, creator of Climb Time Yoga. She developed a curriculum incorporating contemporary scientific research on healthy cognitive and language development with unique yoga partnering exercises that enhance emotional, social, and communication bonds between parent and child.
    In September of 2009, I extended my Manhattan services to Brooklyn, preferring to work close to my Park Slope home. 
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